Michamvi Beach House

private beach villa

Situated on a picture-perfect white sand beach, Michamvi Beach House (also known as Dar Beach House) is a stylish private beach villa with discreet and professional staff.

A truly authentic beach house that sleeps up to 9 guests, and will feel like your home away from home!

Property Type
private beach villa
4 rooms
kids from 6 years
dive centre offsite
massage service

The Beach House has a gorgeous garden and pool, and is directly on the beach

There’s a lovely deck for outside dining, as well as an outdoor lounge for relaxing in the shade

Board games, darts and football are available

It's good value for money and you'll feel spoiled

Great location, across from a snorkeling spot... and a very short walk to The Rock Restaurant and Upendo (where you can enjoy a drink, a meal and music on a Sunday afternoon)

Like much of Zanzibar, Michamvi Pingwe is quite tidal, so you have to walk far to swim during very low tide (which is a good time to use the pool!)

Michamvi Beach House features a serpentine swimming pool that weaves through a tropical garden of bold colours and verdant palms, a deck for dining and lounging looks out over sand and sea, plus an inner courtyard for privacy and 4 large en-suite bedrooms of understated tropical chic, and louvered light:

This is a private retreat for a privileged few.

The outside world is there if you want it… with high-speed wireless internet access at your disposal… but that’s up to you!

All bedrooms feature:

  • Mosquito Net
  • Overhead Fan
  • Tropical Outdoors
  • Clothing shelves / rack
  • King size bed / 2 single beds
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Private entrance / exit to and from patio

The Beach House staff will take good care of you, but only when you ask for it. (It may seem like a cop-out, but they think that you should do the hospitality, and their role is to help you do it.)

It’s just a case of letting them know how and when to get involved… but they generally cook, clean and support ever so discreetly.

The food at Michamvi Beach House is simple and fresh, mostly very local and generally very organic, coming, whenever possible, from the beach out front and the garden out back.

The house comes with a chef / manager, housekeeping, gardener and watchmen, but if you need a driver, a local dada (‘nanny’), a masseuse, a boatman, a guide, then these can easily be arranged!

The Beach House makes boutique look last resort, distils suites-only hotels into their purest form, and brings travel to its perfect conclusion: The home away from home.

The Beach House in Michamvi offers the original guerilla-hospitality concept, Hospitality 2.0… the chance to take-over your own place, create your own content, and direct your own experience.

Somehow, sharing will never quite be the same again!

A long strip of powder-fine sand beneath the shade of postcard-perfect palms, Michamvi Pingwe is a pristine tropical beach.

We might call it a ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’ Swahili fishing community, but to Michamvi Beach House it’s just home… a small fishing village with a long crescent-shaped sandbank stretched out ahead at low tide.

The beach is special, with a couple of excellent restaurants to choose from – so we can’t say its lively… just very friendly and very easy.

The high tide laps the garden wall, receding to reveal rock pools and an azure lagoon at low tide.

This is a ‘Beach House’ in the true sense of the word!

Map & Location