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Our handpicked luxury lodges and resorts on Pemba Island…

Pemba Island lies about 80km to the North East of Zanzibar Island, and about the same distance from the Tanzanian mainland. It is just 67km long and boasts long, empty beaches and great diving and snorkeling possibilities. The largest town is Pemba’s capital, Chake Chake.

Pemba attracts relatively few tourists, but those that do venture to this lush island are rewarded with magnificent, unspoilt natural beauty.

getting there…

The only sensible way to visit Pemba is with the scheduled charter flights, which are available daily in the mornings and afternoons, and which we will arrange for you.


Pemba is located very close to the equator, resulting in a very stable temperature and climate. 

Light rains occur around November / December, characterized by brief showers in between long stretches of sunshine. The heavy rains fall around the month of March. The warmest temperatures are reached between January and March, but there is usually a refreshing sea breeze. Daytime temperatures average around 26 degrees centigrade.

more about Pemba Island…

Pemba Island is an untouched and pristine island of great beauty and fertility. The mosaic of forests, swamps, mangroves, hidden beaches and lagoons, is scattered with the ruins of mosques and tombs mostly reclaimed by the forest – sites that date back to Arab domination when Pemba Island was seized by the Sultan of Muscat (Oman) in the 17th century.

Pemba is still the predominant global producer of cloves yielding around 70% of all the world’s cloves, but now plays its more traditional role of being an island paradise with small inter-island trade.

Pemba Island also has a strong reputation as a ‘magic’ island, a centre for ju-ju traditions of medicine and wizardry.

On an island with a population of around 300,000 there are rarely more than a couple of dozen foreigners. It is as though the people of Pemba have a secret that they refuse to share. Traveling in Pemba is discovering untouched territory. Villagers are eager to talk to anyone who passes and small children will give you their biggest and whites smiles as they yell “bye-bye!” as you pass them by.

Unlike Unguja (Zanzibar), Pemba is hilly. Gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys are all covered with a dense cover of clove, coconut, mango and other fruit and crop plantations. A more fertile land is difficult to imagine!

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The Aiyana, Pemba

luxury beach resort
30 suites & villas

The Aiyana Resort on Pemba Island is pure chic, and blends perfectly with the natural splendour of this island paradise.

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Fundu Lagoon, Pemba

luxury lodge
18 rooms & suites

Fundu Lagoon, which is is only accessible by boat, is the epitome of a “barefoot paradise”. One of our absolute favourite places to relax and unwind in casual, yet stylish surroundings. (Fundu is also a dream for divers!)

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Manta Resort, Pemba

small beach resort
17 rooms

Laid back and affordable, Manta Resort has one of the best swimming beaches on Pemba Island… and the diving is world class. It also offers an Underwater Room for the adventurous!

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