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Our handpicked luxury lodges on Mafia Island…

Mafia Island is a fantastic destination for adventurous travelers who seek an active holiday diving, fishing, snorkeling and exploring the offshore islands and sand banks, without the crowds.

Just a 30 minute flight from Zanzibar (or Dar es Salaam), the surrounding archipelago of Mafia Island includes Chole, Jibondo and Juani islands. Like Pemba Island, Mafia has better diving than Zanzibar – but its beaches are generally not as good. There are very few hotels here, which only adds to the attraction of Mafia as a tropical island destination for the adventurous traveler.

getting to mafia island…

Mafia Island is approximately 30 miles off the Tanzanian coast, about 30 minutes by air from Zanzibar or Dar Es Salaam (or 45 minutes from the Selous Game Reserve). The only sensible way to visit Mafia Island is by light aircraft.

the mafia island marine park…

The Mafia Archipelago and the delta of the Rufiji River form one of the most interesting marine ecosystems and coral reefs in the world. The area has a high bio-diversity and is considered an important habitat for endangered species.

There are over 400 species of fish. On land the rich vegetation is dominated by large palm groves, baobabs, mangroves and fruit trees. The wildlife is extremely varied; monkeys, small antelopes, wild pigs, bush babies as well as a small colony of elusive hippos. There are also countless types of birds.

The warm, safe waters of the inland bays and lagoons are a paradise for both expert and beginner scuba divers as well as those simply wishing to snorkel. Mafia Island Marine Park was established as the first Marine Park in Tanzania, and covers a surface of 821 km2.

more about Mafia Island…

Pole Pole, Mafia

luxury beach lodge
7 bungalows

Exclusive yet unpretentious, Pole Pole is perfect for ocean-lovers who just can’t get enough of diving, sailing, fishing and exploring tropical islands.

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Chole Mjini, Mafia

luxury eco lodge
7 tree houses

Chole Mjini is a unique eco-lodge on Mafia Island that offers a complete retreat from the pace of modern life… especially for avid divers and the adventurous!

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